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One-on-One Coaching Programs

Welcome to the new paradigm of being a modern professional in business!



The friction you're feeling inside, can really only mean one thing...

It's time.

Your heart is longing for connection,

to who you've always been meant to be.  

The truth is...

You've lived your professional life taking on the expectations of others.

You've shifted, you've adapted because it felt good to be part of something great!


In that process, you got further and further away from yourself.

The only way to reach your highest potential and make the greatest impact is by being in true alignment.

I'd be honored to guide you back

Is 1:1 coaching right for you?


  • You're being everything everyone else wants you to be

  • Out of alignment

  • Frazzled and overwhelmed

  • Like you've lost yourself

  • Unsure of where to go next

  • In the midst of an identity crisis

  • Burnt out from the work until your eyes bleed corporate approach

  • Doubting yourself and your abilities

  • Stuck in your day-to-day work life

  • Losing steam and passion for what you once loved doing

  • Exhausted from the hustle more success mentality


  • Step into a deeper, more connected version of you

  • Get clear on who you are inside

  • Release the expectations of others that you've taken on as your own

  • Understand what it is for you to be and feel alignment for yourself

  • Let go of what is no longer serving you

  • Know and believe you are not your thoughts

  • Owning your worthiness, finally, truthfully, and whole-heartedly

  • Incorporate your inner-knowingness into every day at work, no matter the type of environment you're in

  • Develop the ability to re-frame thoughts and experiences to maintain flow 

  • Identify the characteristics and values of who you are and who you want to be at work

How It Works

Beach Fun


When you partner with me, you receive a deeply transformational, personalized, one-on-one coaching experience. Along the way you’ll receive:

  • Encouragement and inspiration throughout the messy middle while you are making big shifts happen

  • Intuitive guidance to help you overcome old programmed beliefs or self-sabotaging thoughts that comes up — fast

  • Space to shut off the noise, tune into your inner-wisdom, and reconnect with what you truly want to create in your work in this lifetime

  • Accountability to your higher self as you to pivot into the next phase of your life and business with more enjoyment and ease

  • Step-by-step process to guide you through the connection and transformation, with enough flexibility to shift with your specific needs

  • Energetic support and integration through weekly distance Reiki directly from me

  • Personalized action items, journal prompts, meditations, visualizations, resources and pep talks


The ultimate transformation for you to return to yourself.  Connect to who you've always been meant to be and discover the possibilities when bringing that version of yourself to work.  

  • 1: 90-minute coaching call to set powerful intentions and foundation for program

  • 8: 50-minute bi-weekly video coaching calls via Zoom

  • All calls recorded for re-visiting and further integration

  • Support between sessions as needed

  • Commitment: 4 months

  • Investment: $2,997 (payment options available)


Leading from a new place of expansion and alignment is the most powerful contribution you can make at work.  This program includes four months of the Aligned program and then expands by two months to activate and incorporate who you now are as a leader and colleague.  

  • 1: 90-minute coaching call to set powerful intentions and foundation for program

  • 12: 50-minute bi-weekly video coaching calls via Zoom

  • All calls recorded for re-visiting and further integration

  • Support between sessions as needed

  • Commitment: 6 months

  • Investment: $4,997 (payment options available)

 Ready to take the next step?

Let's chat and see if working together is the next right thing for you!

Why Coach With Me?


When you coach with me, you can expect:

  • Career-changing, life-changing, mind-shifting results lasting wayyy beyond our time together.

  • I don’t force “my way” onto you. I encourage you to tune within, feel your aha moments, and have big realizations for yourself. Why? Because that’s where lasting change comes from.

  • Guidance to help you connect with your intuition / inner being / higher self / inner knowing (whatever you call it) so you don’t feel like you forever have to turn to an “expert” for answers!

  • Balance between masculine and feminine energy. I will always encourage you to take action in the way that feels best for you while keeping you in alignment with your bigger life vision.

  • I will never encourage you to follow someone else’s “6-step plan” for success. Everyone’s journey looks different and unique to them. I’m here to help you on your personal journey.

  • I promise to both challenge you and encourage your growth.

  • I've been there...I spent 16 years in corporate and was able to come back to myself and my inner-wisdom, while working in a business environment.


Ready to uplevel your professional and personal life?

If you’re feeling the pull to learn more, trust your intuition! I don’t do surface layer sales calls. I block off time on my calendar for us to have a deep conversation about what you want and where you’re feeling lost. I believe the best way for you to know if coaching is right for you, is to experience a bit of it first hand.

Let's Be Friends!

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