You have a purpose in your work.

You have a reason, that is only yours,

to be in your specific job, at your specific company.

You can release the labels and unrealistic expectations you've taken on in order to be successful, and instead reconnect with who you've always been meant to be at work.





Society and everyone at work has told you, be this, do that, you need to follow the rules, stay the course, keep your feet on the ground... and whatever you do, just keep hustling and pushing...

I'm guessing if you're here, you've discovered that approach doesn't feel good anymore. 

You feel torn between doing and being what everyone else is around you and the voice inside whispering that there could be a different way, even something more for you.

You've never known any different than the hustle and competition in the business world and you're beyond ready to figure out who you are and show up in your way.

But first, you need to come home to you, inside, and discover your way...

I'm ready to help you.

Your Guide

Hi, I'm Lesha. 


The truth of working in corporate is all about the company telling you who you need to be and what you need to do to be successful.  

Over time, with every shift and change, you got further and further away from yourself.  The same thing happened to me for many years in my corporate jobs.  


Now, I've created a coaching approach and community of like-minded professionals where I spend my days helping people like you in business feeling uninspired and burnt out, transform their corporate reality from the inside out, to have purpose in their work, experience fulfillment and make a significant impact. 


Unlike many telling you to hustle harder and work until your eyes bleed, we work at a deeper level reprogramming your mind, activating your intuition and creating new habits.

From my own journey, coupled with many years of experience in corporate, executive coaching and as a spiritual teacher, I'm the ultimate guide for this new paradigm in business and I'm here to pass the magic to you.

Learn more about my story here.

The Ways We Can Work Together

I work entirely remotely, so geographic diversity welcome


Individual Sessions

50 minute Coaching Session or

75 minute Akashic Records Sessions

Practical coaching or deep, intuitive spiritual guidance for help attaining insight or releasing and overcoming obstacles relating to work, returning to inner-alignment.

1:1 Coaching Programs

4 or 6 month

Coaching Programs

Private, personalized high-touch coaching with the intention of fully aligning and bringing to life your true purpose and why at work.

Group Coaching Program

8 week group mentorship program

Transform your mindset about who you are relative to work and life through a step-by-step program with a like-minded community of professional women. 

Resume Writing & LinkedIn Program

Premium done for you services

A modern approach to resumes and LinkedIn profiles is critical for all professionals at any level to stand out and get credit for their work.

Let's Be Friends!